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How to define good software engineer

That is a lot of “givens” for an “average” software engineer. In reality, the great software engineer solves problems in hours that the average engineer will never solve correctly. The great software engineer solves ordinary problems in one-third the time with one-fifth as much code and one-tenth as many bugs. The great software engineer’s code […]


Benchmark – Node.js vs Java

by benchmark task performance regex-redux source secs mem gz cpu cpu load Node.js 4.02 507,480 452 4.02 0% 1% 100% 0% Java 12.16 927,212 929 37.28 73% 81% 75% 78% n-body source secs mem gz cpu cpu load Node.js 27.82 28,208 1297 27.81 1% 0% 1% 100% Java 21.50 27,240 1489 21.52 1% 1% 100% 0% mandelbrot source secs mem gz cpu cpu load Node.js 17.49 564,704 […]

Using Swagger to define API RESTful endpoints

It then generates API Documents and Application Skeletons for you. Afterward, you can write code to implement the APIs’ functionality. Another similar tool is RAML. I personally think that if you are using Ruby, you can just write a good README file about APIs, and done with it. It will be much faster and  cleaner, […]


Official NASA Software

It is great news that NASA has released an official software catalog 2017-2018 for various technical applications. Time to learn from BIG Brother. Business Systems and Project Management Data Servers Processing and Handling Materials and Processes System Testing Propulsion Electronics and Electrical Power Operations Structures and Mechanisms Environmental Science Design and Integration Tools Crew and […]

Recap from GS Leadership offsite

HCM – A ‘Cloud Day’ 4 priorities regarding to SuccessFactors: migration from Oracle to Hana, eliminating support issues to improve customer satisfaction, integration within SFSF suite and integration with other SAP products. putting new codes in SFSF cloud solution today means upgrading 35,000+ schemas for 6,000+ customers in one go. This requires absolute quality focus. AirBnb […]

Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn

  Books, classroom lectures, videos — non-interactive learning methods that results in 80-95% of information going in one ear and leaking out the other. The point here is that instead of forcing our brains on how to remember more information with “passive” methods, we should focus our time, energy, and resources on “participatory” methods that have […]

UML introduction

UML is a graphical notation specifically for drawing diagrams of an object-oriented system. A UML describes over a dozen different diagrams, but we’re only interested in a few of the most common, such as the classic class diagram. When drawing diagrams, it’s common to see signs before the attributes or methods, most – Minus signs in front […]