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OOP: The Specification Pattern

Introduction In this article, we are going to explore the classic specification pattern and implement it in order to compose the LINQ queries, and also non-LINQ queries. This article will also help beginners in understanding the specification pattern and how to implement it in practice. Major benefits of the specification patterns include reusability, maintainability, loose […]


Using SALV (object oriented model) has many advantages: Simplified design: This Model uses a highly integrated object oriented design which provides the simplicity to programmers to develop the ALV. Unified Object models: This model has only one main class which will get and set the parameters of entire layout. All Classes has static method FACTORY […]

Table vs View vs Materialized View

A table is where data is stored. You always start with tables first, and then your usage pattern dictates whether you need views or materialized views. A view is like a stored query for future use, if you’re frequently joining or filtering the same tables the same way in multiple places. A materialized view is […]


Visitor pattern

Visitor Design Pattern Intent Represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an object structure. Visitor lets you define a new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates. The classic technique for recovering lost type information. Do the right thing based on the type of two objects. Double […]

Keyboard Settings in ABAP editor

Shortcut What it does Ctrl + D Duplicate any line. Ctrl + U Selected text converted into uppercase.. Ctrl + L Selected text converted into lowercase.. Ctrl + J Selected text will become capitalize. Ctrl + O Goto a particular line in the program. Ctrl+Alt+T Swaps current line with the Upper Line. Ctrl+Shift+L Deletes the whole […]

Loading JSON and using D3.js

D3.js is a javascript library for manipulating DOM objects  based on data. we can create rich visualizations of data. D3 provides a number of modules for helping us code many of thing that we need to create interactive data. Such as: Shapes, Scales, Layouts, Behaviors, Data-processing(JSON, CSV) Simple case: d3.select(“body”).selectAll(“p”) .data([4, 8]) .enter().append(“p”) .text(function(d) { return […]

Review HTML & Javascript

The HTML DOM   HTML Form Grouping Form Data with <fieldset> The <fieldset> element groups related data in a form. The <legend> element defines a caption for the <fieldset> element. Example <form action=”action_page.php”> <fieldset> <legend>Personal information:</legend> First name:<br> <input type=”text” name=”firstname” value=”Mickey”><br> Last name:<br> <input type=”text” name=”lastname” value=”Mouse”><br><br> <input type=”submit” value=”Submit”> </fieldset> </form>   Attribute Description accept-charset Specifies the charset used in the submitted form (default: the page […]

Database: Event store -> good reference

Key-range locks protect a range of rows implicitly included in a record set being read by a Transact-SQL statement while using the serializable transaction isolation level. The serializable isolation level requires that any query executed during a transaction must obtain the same set of rows every time it is executed during the transaction. A key […]


57 engineers to serve 1 billion users, amazing!!!. Startup life is always crazy and full of surprises, still so much things to learn!

Shoptify – FulfillmentService

A Fulfillment Service is a third party warehouse that prepares and ships orders on behalf of the store owner. Fulfillment services charge a fee to package and ship items and update product inventory levels. Some well known fulfillment services with Shopify integrations include: Amazon, Shipwire, and Webgistix Full source: link