HCM – A ‘Cloud Day’

SAP Customer 2017

4 priorities regarding to SuccessFactors:

  • migration from Oracle to Hana,
  • eliminating support issues to improve customer satisfaction,
  • integration within SFSF suite and
  • integration with other SAP products.

putting new codes in SFSF cloud solution today means upgrading 35,000+ schemas for 6,000+ customers in one go. This requires absolute quality focus.


  • ~3K employees (1.5K in San Francisco and 650 are Engineers)
  • ~ 3 million homes (over 2 million booked last New Year’s Eve)
  • Changing their architecture to scale (~100 microservices)
  • They apply Geoffrey Moore’s zone methodology to their work to move past the “innovator’s dilemma”
  • Everyone’s focus is to “drive impact”
  • Engineers are measured against the following expectations: tech ability, productivity, impact, scope, autonomy, influence, and enrichment.
  • Interesting fun fact: When they expanded into Cuba, the country didn’t have online payment infrastructure. Airbnb had to find creative ways to pay the Airbnb hosts (ask one of us for more details about that interesting fact!)
  • As they continue to expand, keeping up with various country legislation is becoming a challenge (and yes, we did mention our tax service J).


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